October 31, 2017

Interview with Wood Furniture Maker, Emilie Johnson, of Bloc by Emilie

Here's an interview with wood worker and furniture maker, Emilie, of Bloc by Emilie...

Tell me a little bit about your background, Emilie. What led you to woodworking and how did Bloc come about?
I have a degree in both international relations and graphic design, both quite unrelated to woodworking. Bloc came about after I’d finished school and was half-heartedly looking for a job. I loved everything I studied, but didn’t love the idea of a standard 9-5 after studying and working part time for so long. Bloc started as an interim project and quickly turned into a full time (on my terms) gig.

What does “being creative” mean to you?
Hmmm that’s tough… everything? I like the idea of being visually stimulated by everything you surround yourself with. Aesthetics are huge for me. Creativity comes in so many different forms, but I’d say I’m mostly visual.

Are there any design rules or philosophies you abide by?
Work on something until it looks “right”

What attracts you to wood as a medium?
Wood is beautiful all by itself. I love all raw, natural materials. My dream house is would be full of different natural textures: wood, granite, clay, etc…

What are the different ways people use Blocs in their home?
Everyone has a different idea for their blocs, actually most have more than one. They work great in small spaces because they can be a side table one minute then extra seating the next. Non exhaustive list: bedside table, combined as coffee table, chair, plant stand, plinth, etc.

How would you describe your interior living space? What are some of your favorite piece of furniture or d├ęcor item in your home? Why are these pieces special to you?
I would avoid describing it at all costs right now! Lol! I’m in a rental waiting for my apartment to be vacated so everything we have at the moment is super temporary. I’m so looking forward to being in my own space and nesting a bit. In terms of what I’m excited to have in our new space, concrete floor tiles throughout and a monstrous couch that you sit down on and never ever want to get up from.

How have you created a space in your design studio that is conducive to your creative workflow?
That’s a constant challenge and I’m far from figuring it out. I work with really big material so figuring out the right ration of raw material to stock while still maintaining enough space to work in is tough… I’m moving into a new shop space at the end of the month though so hopefully I can improve my setup.

Describe your perfect day or weekend.
Probably an early morning hike with my dog Dave, followed by coffee and a treat, then grabbing yummy ingredients and spending the afternoon drinking too much wine and cooking up a feast.

What do you love most about your job?
Working with my hands and getting to hang out with my dog all day.

Who are your favorite artists/designers and what do you love about their work?
I don’t really have favourites. I’m always discovering someone new. Current inspirations include: Lotta Agaton (interior stylist), Laura Berger (artist), Rose Uniacke( interior and furniture designer - I fell in love with her and everything she does after watching this video.

Connect with Emilie: Website // Instagram

Images: 1 - 7 (provided by Emilie)

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