August 10, 2017

How to Make an Easy Potted Herb Garden

It's nice to have the herbs you cook with on a regular basis handy, either on your kitchen counter or out in your garden. These mini potted herb plants are super easy to assemble and work really well both inside and outside your home.

Terracotta Pots // Selection of Garden Herbs // Extra Soil (if needed)

1. Select a variety of terracotta pots with holes in the bottom for drainage. I love the look of these aged bell-shaped pots that I picked up from one of my favorite home decor and furniture stores here in LA (Nickey Kehoe).

2. Pick out a selection of your favorite herbs to go in each pot, while keeping the pot and plant size in mind. I bought mint, fennel, basil and oregano from a local nursery (Anawalt Lumber)

3. Now, just transfer the herbs from the plastic pots into your terracotta pots. You want to make sure the herbs sit nicely around the top edge of your pots, so you may need to add some extra soil to the bottom of your terracotta pot. Before transferring, use your fingers to gently loosen the roots and soil. Then, just sit the herb in the new pot and pat down the soil so it stands firmly in the pot on its own.

*Note: If you decide to keep your pots indoors, you will want to find a tray, or multiple dishes, to sit them on since the pots have drainage holes in the bottom for excess water.

Happy cooking with your new little herb garden!

Images: 1 - 3 (Cambria Creative)

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