February 23, 2017

Your Guide to Indoor Plants

It's nice to bring some life into your home with indoor plants and there's so many great ones to chose from, large and small. Even if you're new to gardening and taking care of plants, these ones I recommend are great starter plants that are both pretty and require little maintenance...

1. Cacti & Succulents
Cacti and succulents are happy in front of a sunny window and require little watering and attention. To care for them, let the soil dry out almost fully, then water again - mimicking like their environment in the dessert (rain followed by hot dry out periods). Pick the sunniest spots in your home for these plants - on a window sill or by a big window that gets a good stream of light throughout the day.


2. Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees
Fiddle leaf figs have pretty leaves in a gorgeous deep green and come in various sizes. They look great in a big ceramic pot and like abundant indirect sunlight (like in a room corner). Fertilize every month and water the soil when the top inch or two becomes dry.

3. Rubber Trees
I love the leaves on these trees! They can grow pretty big and like to be watered a lot. They prefer bright indirect light because they don't do well if they get too hot. Their leaves need to be wiped off occasionally with a damp cloth to avoid them yellowing.

4. Split Leaf Philodendrons
These split leave plants can start small in potted vases or can become more tree like, depending on what you're looking for. They've got great big tropical fan-like leaves and requires watering when the top 1/4 of the soil dries out. Keep in indirect sunlight. (Careful - they are poisonous if eaten, so keep away from children and pets!)

5. Air Plants
I love these little plants because since they don't need to live in soil, you can practically put them anywhere - little dishes, hanging vases, or just on a surface. They do need to be watered though - place the plant upright in a small bowl of water for 20-30 minutes to hydrate the roots and then let them dry out. Do this once a week and keep them in bright, indirect sunlight.

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