February 8, 2017

Create the Bed of Your Dreams: 5-Step Guide

Having a plush, snuggly bed is all about having the right layers. Splurging on comfortable bedding is just something you should invest in, because comfortable sleep is so important for a balanced lifestyle. Here's my five-step guide to the coziest bed ever!

1. The Mattress
A great mattress company I like is called Casper. They deliver the mattress to you in a compact box and offer a 100-day free trial of the mattress with free returns. Since good mattresses can be expensive, Casper also offers a monthly mattress payment option - great quality and service. For extra comfort, I recommend adding either a foam or feather bed topper on top of your mattress (still under the fitted sheet) and you'll feel like you're sleeping on a cloud :)

2. The Duvet 
Down comforters are by far the most snuggliest out there. They're both plush and breathable. If you'd like to create extra volume and a snugger fit, a great trick is to buy a duvet insert that is a few inches larger in each direction than your duvet cover. Brooklinen makes some great ones. Measure your bed before choosing your duvet size - it's nice to have the duvet hang over the edges of your bed, especially if you share a bed with someone. This gives you more duvet to share.

3. Sheets & Linens
I'm a big fan of linen bedding and love the ones from Matteo. This brand is based in Los Angeles and offers a great selection of muted colors that work well mix-matched together (example: white linens with grey pillows). Matteo's showroom and store in Downtown LA is also beautiful, so check it out if you can! If you like cotton sheets, try the ones from the LA-based company Parachute. Linen layers: (1) fitted bottom sheet over the mattress and mattress toppers, (2) top sheet (optional), (3) duvet with cover, (4) blankets and throws. 

4. Pillow Talk
Getting your pillow layers right is the most important step in creating a cozy, functional bed. You should make sure you have the right pillows for sleeping as well as for sitting up in bed reading, tv-watching, laptop time, etc. I recommend layering in this order: two large square pillows at the back (or three if you have a king-sized bed), two sturdier head pillows (good for back support when sitting up), and two comfy head head pillows for sleeping. If you want, add one smaller accent pillow last, in the center.

5. Blankets & Throws
Having the softest blanket possible on top of your duvet is actual bliss. At the moment, I'm loving this plush, faux-alpaca one from Pottery Barn. Adding a patterned or colored low-pile throw on the bottom 2/3 of your bed (under the above-mentioned blanket) can also add a nice layer to your bed, visually, and works well for tying in a color that's also reflected elsewhere in your room. I'm obsessed with the quilts and throws by Louise Gray

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  1. Love the layered look with lots of pillows! Looks very comfy and understated ��

    1. Layers of various sized pillows definitely adds a lot of comfort to your bed! Glad you like this post :)

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