February 15, 2017

5 Tips for a Cozy Bedroom

Having a comfortable, relaxing environment in your bedroom is such a necessity. It's the place you begin and end each day, so feeling cozy and at ease in this space is essential. This is a slightly long and detailed post, but I feel strongly about creating a snug bedroom, so I want to share everything I can! Follow these five tips and you should be on your way to creating a cozy bedroom...

1. Layered Bedding
Having a plush, snuggly bed is all about having the right layers. Splurging on comfortable bedding is just something you should invest in, because comfortable sleep is so important. Don't be shy layering up on pillows and add a few throws on top of your down comforter for extra fluffiness. For details on how to create the coziest bed ever click here.

2. Candles & Incense
Candles, candles, candles! You can never have too many in your bedroom, so pick a handful of your favorite scents to sprinkle around your room for a nice warm glow. Smells play a huge role in creating the mood in a space, so take your time picking candles and incense that make you feel the most calm and peaceful. Earthy smells are my personal favorite, but citrus or fresh floral smells like lemongrass and lavender might make you feel the most at home. Soy candles are the best ones to go with since they have a cleaner burn (minimal black smoke) and melt the candle wax it's container evenly. To get the best crackling sound that some candles have, use ones with a wood wick. To make some of your own, check out my DIY tutorial here.


3. Snug as a Bug (in a rug)
Hardwood floors are obviously beautiful, but you're going to want a soft, warm landing spot when you get out of bed. No one likes cold feet, especially first thing in the morning! Add an area rug under your bed, or place two smaller rugs on either side. High-pile rugs like Moroccan shags work well in addition to natural sheepskins (my absolute favorite).

4. Mood Lighting
Horrible fluorescent lighting is my ultimate pet peeve! It just puts me in a bad mood. I cannot begin to explain how important lighting is in any room, especially in your bedroom. Getting this right makes the world of difference in creating a soothing environment. Having dimmers installed on all of your main light sources is ideal, but if you're unable to do this (if you're renting/it can be expensive) there are lots of other things you can do to create mood lighting. First, pick a few different accent lighting pieces, like table and floor lamps, to light (instead of the overhead) to create a diffused atmosphere. Shaded bedside lamps work great to create enough light to read and relax without being too bright. It's also important to pick the right lightbulbs, stick with warm bulbs and avoid cool, white lighting at all costs! Seriously...the worst. Sometimes, mini string lights can create a nice effect in the bedroom as well, if you're into that look.

5. Ditch the Clutter
Streamline your bedroom as much as possible. This doesn't mean your room can't have texture and character, but get rid of the clutter - you don't need it! If you struggle with this, read this book. If you have a small bedroom, or home, opt for furniture with ample, hidden storage space. If possible, keep your work life out of your bedroom as best as you can. Your bedroom should be a space of zen and relaxation.

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