January 7, 2017

Why Packaging Matters


A product's value should be measured by it's branding and packaging in addition to its functionality. Weather it be on our bathroom sink, bedside table or kitchen shelf, the products we use every day become a permanent part of our living space. Carefully choosing products that visually appeal to you can add comfort to the environment in your home, so when you next run out the hand soap in your bathroom, make an extra effort to find a product you love that also looks great on the sink!





Images: 1 (Dolce & Gabbana) // 2 (Prospector Co.) // 3 (Verso) // 4 (Aesop) // 5 (Hunter Essentials) // 6 (& Other Stories) // 7 (Reverie) // 8 (Bet Vodka) // 9 (Ministerstwo Dobrego Mydla) // 10 (Mermaid Bay, by Lucy Han) // 11 (Le Labo)

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