January 31, 2017

DIY: Wood Wick Soy Candles

Glass Jar // Essential Oils // Soy Wax Shavings // Wood Wick // Metal Wick Base // Measuring Cup // Saucepan // Stove Top // Water // Scissors // Metal Spoon

These candles are really simple to make and you can customize them to any shape and smell you like. Soy wax candles are great because they have a cleaner burn (less black smoke) and the wax burns evenly in the jar. The wood wick makes a cozy crackling sound and adds a nice woodsy smell to the fragrance.

1. Select a glass jar. I found mine at Michael's:

2. Pick out a combination of essential oils that smell good to you. My friend and I looked like wackos in the local health food store sniffing combinations of these things for a good 30 minutes LOL. Make sure they're 100% pure essentials oils and that they're not mixed with an oil base like jajoba oil. I used oils ones from Nature's Alchemy:

The essential oils I experimented with were: Grapefruit, Fir Needle, Pine Fir, Sage, Peppermint and Palmarosa.

All set with the materials...bag of soy wax (from Michael's), measuring cup, glass jar, essential oils, wood wicks and their metal bases (also from Michael's), saucepan and stovetop:

3. Boil water in a saucepan over high heat and set your measuring cup with the soy wax flakes inside:

4: Stir the wax occasionally with a metal spoon until it melts completely. Add your essential oils to your smell preference:

5: Place your wood wick into it's metal base and stand it inside your glass jar. Pour the melted wax into the jar and let sit until it's completely dry (you might have to move the wick around while the wax begins to dry more, to make sure it stays in the middle of the jar:

6: Let the wax dry and trim your wood wick down:

*Notes: Use approximately 40 - 50 drops of essential oil for 1 oz of wax. For stronger candle scents, use "fragrance oils" instead of "essential oils."

Images: 1 - 8 (Cambria Creative), magazine featured in 1 (Kinfolk)


  1. I love candles and this seems fun and easy!!! These would make a great gift for friends!

    1. Super easy! Soy wax candles are the best and the wood wick makes them crackle while burning. Cozy! :)


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