November 17, 2016

DIY: Beginner's Linen Accent Pillow

I love these envelope pillows because they don't require a zipper and they're easy to take on and off of your pillow to wash. In this tutorial, I used a standard 20 x 20 inch pillow inserts from Ikea and a beautiful natural linen fabric from F&S Fabrics in Los Angeles.

Sewing Machine // Linen Fabric // Ruler // Pins // Scissors

1. Measure and cut your fabric into three panels following these measurements:
(x1) front panel: 21 by 21 inches 

(x2) back panels: 21 by 14 inches

2. Take one of your back panels and create a 1/2 inch fold, down the longer edge, and pin into place. Sew this edge down with your sewing machine, taking the pins out as you go. Don't forget to back-stitch each end to secure your thread! Repeat this step on the second back panel. You should have two back panels like this:

3. Lay your front panel out flat and place one of your back panels on top, with the sewn folded edge facing up. Make sure the sewn folded edge of your back panel sits towards the center and that the raw edge lines up with the raw edge of the front panel. Next, pin into place and use your sewing machine to sew around the three sides to secure this back panel to your front panel:

4. Place your second back panel on top of your pillow case just as you did the first one - the two back panels should be overlapping. Pin into place and, using your sewing machine, sew three sides into place (even through all three panels where they overlap):

5. Turn the pillow case inside out and you're ready to insert your pillow!


Images: 1 - 9 (Cambria Creative)

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