August 21, 2016

DIY: Streamline Your Keychain

For some reason I have a thing for keychains! I like combining a few different ones together to create a unique grouping - I'm weird, I know, but you probably use your keys everyday, so why shouldn't they look great? On my set, I have this DIY natural leather loop keychain which works great to hang on a hook and can act as your main metal key loop for the rest of your attachments. My faux fur black puff ball is from Brandy Melville ($6) and I love it - it looks great next to the leather and I can always feel it at the bottom of my bag. I was looking for a keychain like this for a while and a lot of other ones I saw weren't as soft or they were too expensive - this one is super soft. I use the silver Tiffany & Co. keychain for my car keys, which I can easily take on and off with the little latch for things like valet parking (but mainly for nights out Uber-ing so I don't lose my only set of car keys :p). 

Tooling Leather // Leather Punch // Cutting Board // Exacto Knife // Pencil // Ruler // Key Ring // Leaver Rivet

1. On the cutting board, measure and cut the tooling leather down to 1'' x 7.5'':

2. Starting 0.5'' from the end, cut the leather strip into a point:

3. Fold the leather strip around like this, overlapping the pieces by 1'':

4. Use the leather punch to create a hole through both leather layers, in the center of the overlap:

5. Unfold the leather strip, string on the keychain loop, re-fold and then secure the leather strip with the rivet. 

Images: 1 - 9 (Cambria Creative)

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