August 20, 2016

DIY: Leather Sunglasses Case

I loved the look of the natural leather I used for the DIY keychain, so I decided to try something bigger! This sunglasses case turned out great and it was so simple to make - you can make it any size to fit your particular glasses, weather that be sunnies or prescriptions.

Tooling Leather // Leather Punch // Lighter // Cutting Board // X-Acto Knife // Ruler // Pencil // Scissors // Wax-Coated String // Sewing Needle

1. Measure and cut the tooling leather down to your desired size - laid flat, my piece measured 6.5'' x 7.5''. To get the perfect fit for you, wrap the leather around your glasses to eyeball a size that fits best - you want them to fit snuggly inside the case. Use a pencil on the back side of the leather to mark lines, then cut the leather on a cutting board with an X-Acto knife:

2. Once you have cut the leather down to your desired size, fold the piece in half to create the rectangular form. Take the leather punch and make your first small hole in the very corner of your case, where the fold is. Continue punching holes (through both layers of leather) across the bottom and side edge:

When you open the piece of leather, it should look like this:

3. Thread the sewing needle with a long piece of the wax-coated string - the piece I used was 74'' long. Fold the leather back over, and thread your needle and string through the first hole you made in the corner of the leather. Thread through until you reach the center of the piece of string. The leather should sit in the center with two 37" pieces of string coming out of each side:

4. Take the piece of string that has the needle already threaded on and begin sewing through every hole around the outside edge of the folded leather, like this:

Continue through each hole around the entire case:

5. Take the needle off of the string you just used and thread it onto the other 37'' string that you left back at the first corner. Take that string and thread around the edge of the case again, creating a criss-cross stitch like this:

Continue through each hole around the entire case.

6. After you are done sewing, double knot the two pieces of string at the end and cut with scissors, leaving two small pieces:

7. Use the lighter to carefully burn these two leftover pieces - the wax on the string will melt quickly, leaving two little balls, which will secure your knot.

Images: 1 - 5 (Cambria Creative)


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